Tuesday 5 October 2021

How To Wear Yellow Shirt or T-shirt: Men’s Fashion

Yellow is a very vibrant colour. One of the best things to note about it is that it's available in numerous shades like lemon, gold, mustard, etc. This allows us to dress the colours in many interesting ways. In reality, wearing a yellow shirt need not be difficult or time-consuming. If we follow a few guidelines and we can dress in various colors of yellow shirts easily.

The popularity of yellow shirts has increased in recent years. It's not uncommon to see male celebs in yellow T-shirts or shirts. The goal of this post is to make it easier for you to dress in a yellow shirt. With the help of this article on how to select additional items such as footwear and trousers and shoes, you'll be comfortable wearing yellow shirts in the blink of an eye.

What color pants work best with yellow shirts?

There are a variety of choices in choosing the colour of your trouser for your yellow t-shirt or shirt. Here is a color palette for trousers to wear with yellow shirts:

Navy Blue

Navy blue is the most suitable color to match with yellow. The fundamental rule of pairing dark shades with lighter ones is a good combination. Dark Navy Blue pants with a yellow shirt or T-shirt will be one of the most classic combinations. You can pick any shade of yellow for a shirt or t-shirt. Navy Blue pants are perfect for any shade.

Light yellow shirts and dark blue pants or chinos could be a classic outfit to wear as formal wear. It is paired with black or dark brown formal shoes as well as a silver watch, brown or black leather belt to create a classy and fashionable style.

If you want to wear a casual outfit wear a yellow crew neck t-shirt or a yellow polo t-shirt with Navy blue denim. You can finish the style with a pair of canvas shoes or white sneakers with cool shades.


For bottom wear, Khaki has a popular spot in the men’s wardrobe. It's a neutral color that is a great match with many shades of yellow. A light to mustard or yellow-colored formal shirt with khaki trousers or chinos is the most favored combination for formal attire. Leather accessories are a great choice to wear with them. You can pick either Black as well as Brown Leather shoes, a watch, and a belt for that stylish style.

Are you looking to experiment with casual style with jeans in khaki and a t-shirt in yellow? Choose khaki cargo full or 3/4th pants, paired with yellowish-orange or yellow mustard crew neck tees with white sneakers. For a stylish appearance, pick one of the yellow shades, a shirt, khaki chinos, and brown loafers.


It's a classic, elegant and sophisticated color for the fashion of men. Black gives the impression of power and will never be out of style. The black colour pants are the perfect option to wear with any shade of yellow shirts or t-shirts. A light yellow shirt paired and Black formal pants are the ideal combination for formal attire. Finish the look with a black leather belt, pair of black or brown leather shoes. A silver or gold watch is perfect for this look.

You can't make a mistake with a Mustard Yellow t-shirt and Black jeans combo. A golden yellow t-shirt paired with black jeans is an ideal dress for parties. Pick white or beige color sneakers for a trendy appearance. It is possible to pair with a yellow Polo or crew neck t-shirt and Black Chinos to achieve an elegant style.


As yellow is a bright colour, pairing it with white pants is perfect. As formal attire, a Lemon yellow shirt and white pants or chinos are the perfect combinations. For this look, try the brown loafers and brown leather belt along with a brown watch to complete the style.

One of the most important aspects to look elegant is to wear the least accessories in your attire. A white pant and yellow t-shirt pant is a great example of this fashion. White or grey sneakers work perfectly with this combo. White jeans or white chinos are worn with mustard yellow t-shirts can be a nice combination to test.

Light Blue

One of the colours of jeans that will never be out of trend is light blue. Be it simple or ripped, it's one of the most popular shades of jeans. For a modern-day style, opt for light blue jeans paired with mustard yellow or lemon yellow t-shirts. Add a pair of white sneakers to create the basic style.

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