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How To Wear Plaid or Check Shirt: Mens Styling Tips

Checked shirts are a favorite among everyone, from lumberjacks to hipsters; everyone has one or more. They range from casual to slightly more relaxed; casual shirts suit any occasion and style.

A checked shirt is the staple of the wardrobe of every man. Contrary to Hawaiian shirts and denim shorts, checked clothes are never going out of fashion, and which is why buying one today will be a good investment for the foreseeable future. This article will show you how to wear every style with this essential fashion item. 

If you're female or male, there's one essential piece of clothing that is never out of trend, and that's the checkered shirt. It's possible that you're not taking advantage of its versatility since it's easy to just put it on with your favorite jeans with no thought of how to style it. So, here are six ways to dress the checked shirt that will keep in fashion.

How To Wear Plaid or Check Shirt
Different ways to style check shirts

Check shirts become an iconic item for all ages and are suitable for casual and more elegant occasions.

Wear Check Shirt With Denim

Perhaps the most timeless method of styling the plaid shirt or check shirts is to wear denim. It's easy to do and one of the most effortless styles for a man to wear. You can wear your shirt outside of your jeans rather than being tucked in. Pair it with slim dark or light jeans. This style is best paired with boots or sneakers, and you could also wear a cap for a casual style. A dark-colored denim jacket will make the entire outfit look more sophisticated—a little more elegant, particularly when you pair it with a darker check shirt.

Wear the checked shirt with a suit

If you think that checks and plaids shirts do not work with suits, you need to reconsider. Try wearing a plaid shirt with a navy-colored suit. The navy is an excellent base for a variety of plaids and checks. The absence of patterns means the suit and shirt will not match. To keep the appearance formal, select a shirt made of thinner material that maintains the clean lines when you tie it in. Make sure to finish your look with brogues or loafers, but preferring the color of brown or tan.

Try Layering

You can adopt the grunge style with your plaid shirt without buttons over a t-shirt or perhaps wrapped around the waist. Wear jeans or leather jackets, and you'll have yourself a cool casual look. Make sure you do not use too dark tones or neutral. Bright colors could make you appear more like the uniform of a school.

Button Up

To create a chic casual look, put your checked shirt right up and put it on over dark denim. Wear deck shoes or loafers but keep the socks at home.

Consider Big or Small Checks

Small and uniform checks shirts work perfectly with neutral colored pants or chinos for a more formal appearance, while larger checks offer the more casual style, which is more comfortable for home and paired with jeans.

Hope, these tips will help you create your perfect look with check shirts. Check out our blog section for more fashion tips and tricks and stay tuned with Outflits for more updates!

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