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How To Style Kaftan Top: Girls Fashion

Kaftan styles have been trending for some time. Fashion-conscious women are wearing styles in a range of different types. Sometimes as tops or an dress, they look incredibly stylish with any bottom wear. In addition, they're also extremely comfy, which is why they are now the top option for women. Additionally, the same kaftan look can be worn in various styles. For instance, You can style these tops to create Indian to indo-western or western-style.

Additionally, you can wear a kaftan shirt, not just as casual clothes. It's equally attractive when worn with a festive outfit too. In addition, they can also be worn at parties. Perhaps you also love to wear Kaftan tops, and might you have a kaftan top in your closet. However, you don't always wear it the same way. Today, we will share with you some fantastic ideas for styling Kaftan tops in a variety of ways.

How To Style Kaftan Top

Pair it with trousers

If you're planning to wear an afghan top to the workplace, then pants can be styled with it. Kaftan tops and pants give a stylish and elegant look. By combining this with lightweight makeup, simple accessories, and an elegant hairstyle, you can finish your office appearance.

Wear as a dress

If you're going to an outing and would like to wear a kaftan top in a chic way and look elegant, you should wear it as a dress. In other words, there is no need to wear jeans or pants to wear it. It can be worn as a short dress. In this style, it is essential to concentrate on your shoes. You can wear anything from the long boot to sneakers and create a stunning look.

Unique style with the dhoti pants

If you plan to wear a kaftan shirt for any event during the day, dhoti pants are an excellent choice to be styled to match it. It is possible to make your outfit unique by styling a distinct style kaftan top and black or white dhoti pant. In the same way, the statement neckpiece looks excellent in this outfit.

Wear with long skirts for parties

If you're planning to go to a celebration in the evening and you want to wear a kaftan shirt, then you can wear an oversized skirt. You can also wear a solid print design with it. The layered neckpiece looks fantastic with this style. If you're not wearing neckpieces, then dangling earrings or hoops can add a unique touch to your outfit.

Jeans are also a great alternative.

If you are looking to impress everyone with your style, you can style your jeans with a kaftan top even when you're casual. If you replace your regular top with jeans and a kaftan-colored top, the look completely changes. Additionally, you can use light pendants to complete this style, or layering pendants with light shades are an excellent idea.

Hope, these will be helpful for you to style kaftan top. For more fashion tips, check out blog section and stay tuned with Outflits for more updates!

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